Who can legally purchase and consume cannabis?

Per the new State legislation, the consumption of cannabis as of 1/1/2020, will be treated similarly to that of the consumption of alcohol with any Illinois resident, or non-resident, ages 21 or over, now being able to purchase and consume cannabis.

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1. When was cannabis legalized in Illinois?
2. Can the consumption/possession of cannabis be banned by a local municipality?
3. Will the Village have any regulatory abilities?
4. Does the Act itself restrict the location of cannabis business or advertising?
5. What will the Village's role be in the licensing process?
6. What regulatory abilities, if any, do business owners and landlords have?
7. Who can legally purchase and consume cannabis?
8. Who can legally grow and sell recreational cannabis?
9. How much cannabis can an individual possess?
10. What is the legal limit of THC blood concentration for a DUI in Illinois?
11. Will cannabis consumption be allowed in public spaces?
12. Where will consumption be allowed?
13. Who will be allowed to possess cannabis in Illinois in a vehicle under the new law?
14. Are there any changes to existing medical cannabis laws?
15. How is cannabis taxed?
16. How will the potential tax revenue generated be used?
17. How will the potential tax revenue from the (3%) tax be used by Deer Park
18. How do federal laws affect Illinois law?
19. How will the Village manage public safety if a dispensary is allowed in the Village?
20. What are some of the potential impacts to the State's decision to allow recreational marijuana use when it comes to policing?
21. How does recreational cannabis affect criminal records?
22. How can I share my thoughts or opinions on this topic as a resident?