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On March 19th, 2024, and beginning February 8th for mail-in and early voting: 

Residents of Deer Park will be given the opportunity to vote on a referendum to allow the Village to continue to levy an additional ½ percent sales tax. This is not an increase to the current rate but rather a continuance of the temporary ½ percent previously approved by voters in 2021. The duration of this tax will span four years commencing July 1, 2024, through June 30, 2028. Without voter approval, the sales tax will not go away, it will simply decrease to 7.5%.

The Board of Trustees voted to place this referendum on the ballot for your consideration to help ensure our Village remains financially strong and to bring about a more vibrant future for our residents. The ½ percent sales tax increase is extremely small on a purchase-by-purchase breakdown equating to 25 cents on a $50 dollar purchase, but these quarters add up to valuable Village revenue.    

 Top 5 Referendum Facts & Figures

 It is crucial to understand the source of this revenue stream is primarily from visitors and the significant role it plays in establishing a more robust economy for our Village.  

  1.  ~90% of our sales tax is provided by non-resident shoppers who live outside of Deer Park. The Town Center is the #1 Visitor Destination in the Lake Zurich Area according to recent data provided by the Lake County Chamber of Commerce. 
  2.  Deer Park does not levy a property tax and therefore relies on sales tax to provide essential services; ~ 65% of our operating funds stem from sales tax. 
  3. Our Village’s 8% sales tax rate is one of the lowest in the region (Old Orchard Mall is 11.25% and Woodfield Mall and Northbrook Court are both 10%), which helps attract shoppers to buy at Town Center stores like Apple, Crate & Barrel, Pottery barn and more.  
  4. As part of our 2024 Community Survey (coming this spring), residents will be invited to identify their priorities for quality-of-life investments, which will help guide how future sales tax revenue is spent.
  5. Maintaining the temporary 0.5% sales tax increment can help fund continued improvements to quality of life, inward community investment and future programming.

February Public Forums

To ensure residents have clarity on the referendum and the many aspects evaluated, the Village is hosting two public forums. Please join us for either, all residents are invited:

 Public Forum #1 · Thursday, February 8th at 7pm, Vehe Barn

Public Forum #2 · Tuesday, February 20th at 7pm, Vehe Barn

  Voting Details: Click here for information on Lake County voting locations, dates and times.

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