Pond Care

Pond Restoration Guideline

Not only do our ponds contribute to the natural landscape of the Village, they are a major component of Stormwater conveyance and management. The Village contains nearly 70 ponds. Four of which are owned by the Village: Charles E. Brown Park, Deerpath Park, Squires Park and Chapel Hill. The other 66 ponds are privately owned and maintained. Years of sediment build-up and erosion can deteriorate the condition and appearance of a pond. At a special board meeting held September 26, 2017, the Village Engineering firm, Christopher B. Burke, provided a presentation on Pond Restoration. The most effective actions that property owners can take to improve pond quality are;

• Excavation/Dredging

o Goal 10-foot depth

 Provides a sediment trap for new sediment entering pond at a location that can more easily be cleaned out

 Provides higher habitat value

 Allows for overwintering of fish and aquatic wildlife

o Minor removal of sediment/vegetation around remaining pond perimeter to discourage aggressive emergent wetland vegetation

• Installation of a Bubble Aeration System

• Duckweed/Algae Control – Herbicide – Aerators

• Native Vegetation Management – Pond Fringe

Before commencing any restoration on your pond, please call the Village office for permitting requirements.


Pond Presentations and Handouts