Burning of Leaves & Brush

Burning Periods

Per Deer Park's Municipal Code 50.03, only leaves, branches and sticks are permitted to be burned during 2 periods a year:

  • Spring burning is permitted April 1st through May 31st
  • Fall burning is permitted October 15th through November 30th, provided, however, burning shall be prohibited on any October 31 if it falls on a Saturday or Sunday

During these times, only leaves, branches and sticks are permitted to be burned only on Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 


  • Be conscientious of neighbors and don't burn debris that produces a lot of smoke at times when smoke does not rise. If the smoke spreads out near the ground instead of rising, put out the fire and burn another time
  • Clear at least a 10-foot area around the fire and make sure the area is clear of all burnable material.
  • Have water and tools on hand to extinguish anything that may escape the burn area.
  • Never add brush that is green or wet. It will reduce the efficiency of the fire and produce thick smoke.
  • Never burn on dry, windy days when winds are greater than 15 miles per hour (mph).
  • Put debris in several small piles instead of 1 large one.
  • Select a safe place away from overhead power lines, phone lines or other obstructions and where the fire cannot spread into the woods or weedy or brushy areas.
  • Stay with the fire at all times until it is completely out. Leaving a fire unattended for any length of time is illegal. Watch the extinguished fire spot till at least a half hour afterwards for possible rekindle of flames.
  • Try to start the fire with natural "kindling" - never with gasoline or charcoal lighter fluid.

Call 911 immediately if a fire gets out of control.